Veg Box News 19th - 22nd September, 2017

Well the mornings are turning quite nippy now and with Golden Nugget Squash and Cavolo Nero appearing in the boxes this week, things are beginning to feel a little more Autumny.

Here are the lists for next week.  All produce in the Standard Boxes is UK grown so  G's will be the same as A's and B's.
Potatoes 1kg Onions 500g Carrots 600g Fennel Golden Nugget Squash A Bag of Cavolo Nero or Curly Kale (which is coming from Sheffield Organic Growers and will depend on which is best to cut next week) Tomatoes 500g
B’s will get a Cucumber in place of the potatoes D’s will get a further 800g Potatoes and EITHER a Bag of Pak Choi on Tuesday and Wednesday OR a pot of Mushrooms on Thursday and Friday. E’s will also receive Pak Choi or Mushrooms and also a Cauliflower but they won’t be receiving the Cucumbers this week L’s and M’s will have the above additions and will also receive a Lettuce

Golden Nugget Squash
Adapted from

Golden Nugget squash can be prepa…

Veg Box News: 12th - 15th September 2017

Organic September is upon us - the Soil Association's annual promotion.
 This year Windmill Organics are offering a hamper of organic goodies in return for you granting access to your email inbox.  Send us an email for a chance to win - put 'I want to win the hamper' in the Subject line - that's all -  and we'll add you to our mailing list and Windmill will add you to theirs. (You can unsubscribe at any time!)  Of course, if you want to share a vegetable related joke at the same time we'd be delighted to receive them - but the quality of joke will not affect your chances of winning
Here are the lists for next week's boxes.  At this time of year most of the produce is grown in the UK and so G Boxes will resemble the standard A and B boxes.  As usual some lines are grown very locally - this week the Leeks and Kale are both from Sheffield Organic Growers.  SOG are also supplying all our requirements for courgettes in the shop.  Cucumbers and parsley are also…

Veg Box News 5th-8th September, 2017

Apologies for late posting!  But we’re having a few problems posting things on our website at the moment so I’ve set up this blog as a temporary place to post Veg Box News.  It’ll take a little getting used to this end so bear with me !  I hope you find it easy to use.  Our archive is still available on the website but this will gradually grow as a resource too.  I'll keep you posted of any further changes.

Pots 1kgOnions 500gCarrots 600gBeetrootBroccoli 400gSweet Corn x 2Punnet of Tomatoes

B’s will receive a Salad Pack in place of the Potatoes D’s will receive extra potatoes and a Celery E’s will receive the Celery and the Salad Pack L’s and M’s will be receiving other mystery additions from Sheffield Organic Growers.

All the produce in the Standard Boxes is UK at the moment so G boxes are the same as A's.
Apples 600gOranges x 3Bananas 600gPears 600gA Punnet of PlumsA Lemon

Q’s will also get a portion of Kiwi fruit.
We will happily take back the punnets used and either reu…